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Bitcoin is likely to bounce back and rally 14000% in 2023. The rise is expected to trigger massive price swings with price shifts worth thousands of dollars daily. Our robust swings trading tools help you get superb trading results from this volatility!

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Free Registration

Creating an account is simple! Fill out the signup form and hit the submit button. You will be prompted to confirm the registration details and create a password. We will instantly connect you to the broker facilitating the trading process. Complete the signup by uploading the required verification document. The broker may take several hours to process the verification. You don’t have to wait!

Account Funding

Funding your account is also quite easy! Navigate to the account funding page and select the preferred deposit method. You can use Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Bank transfers, e-wallets such as Skrill, and bitcoin wallets are also eligible. The minimum investment required to run Immediate Connect is USD 250.

Live Trading

Applying the Immediate Connect tools in trading is quite easy. However, you must take our tutorials to avoid simple but costly mistakes. Dedicate at least an hour to trading preparation. Use the tools to build trading strategies and test them on the demo before implementing them in the live markets. Only implement the signals that pass the demo test.

top three reasons to trade with immediate connect

Top Three Reasons to Trade with Immediate Connect

Platform that is beginner-friendly

Crypto trading doesn’t have to be complicated! We provide the tools and resources to turn a beginner trader into a pro. Our tools are categorised into beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders. The immediate and advanced tools are for experienced traders. The beginner trader tools help new traders learn and earn. A beginner can graduate to the intermediate tools within a month of trading with the beginner-level tools.

Free for all users

You'll have access to all our top-notch trading research and order execution tools on registration. The best part is, they're completely free! Our competitors charge tens of thousands of dollars for tools like these, but we believe in providing our users as much value as possible. So go ahead and take advantage of Immediate connect legit and free trading license. We could introduce a fee in the future.

Supports multiple devices

Immediate Connect allows you to trade while on the go. Our tools are embedded in popular trading systems such as the MT4. These systems are available in desktop, mobile, and web versions. The Immediate Connect app works well on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. You can use the desktop app on Windows, Linux, and MAC devices.

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Superior performance

You've probably read the expert Immediate Connect reviews. We have gone viral thanks to our superb performance track record. Most of our satisfied clients have shared their experiences with our tools on social media. Leading experts also rate us among the best resources for crypto trading. The great feedback reflects our superior performance.

AI-powered crypto trading

When it comes to trading tools, nobody does it better than Immediate Connect. We've invested in the best technologies to enable you to take advantage of all crypto trading opportunities. With our tools, you'll be able to spot and capitalise on crypto trading opportunities as soon as they arise. Even better, we help you lower the trading risk by more than 50%.

Regularly updated trading resources

The crypto markets are constantly evolving. We have invested in a robust Research and Development team to keep up with the changes in this market. Our tools and resources are updated regularly to meet the demands of crypto trading. Moreover, we introduce new tools every week. Investing in R&D helps us keep up with the market changes.

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The Crypto Industry is Evolving Fast! This Evolution Presents Amazing Money-Making Opportunities for Fast Movers! Immediate Connect is the best bet for Trading the Crypto Evolution!

The Crypto Industry is Evolving Fast! This Evolution Presents Amazing Money-Making Opportunities for Fast Movers! Immediate Connect is the best bet for Trading the Crypto Evolution!

The crypto industry has disrupted the world of online trading in the last ten years. Crypto has surpassed forex as the most traded asset class in the world.
The rapid growth of this industry has turned ordinary people into millionaires. Researchers estimate there will be over a hundred thousand crypto millionaires in 2023. But not everyone who has ventured into crypto has made money.
The crypto markets' volatility makes them quite risky to trade. But you should try your luck, given the potential profits. The secret to success in this market is in identifying opportunities as they happen and capitalising upon them.
Fast-paced trading is sophisticated and out of reach for most traders. Immediate Connection aims to bridge the gap by providing tools to help ordinary people trade the fast-paced crypto markets. With our tools, anyone can build highly accurate news-driven trading strategies.
Building the strategies happens with a few clicks of a button. But you must follow our guide carefully to build quality strategies. All our trading tutorials are in layman's language to support the beginner trader. Immediate Connect is in partnership with quality CFDs brokers.
These brokers provide a powerful demo platform. Please test all the trading signals on the demo before implementing them in live trading.
Discover Amazing Trading Opportunities through our State of the Art News and Sentiment Trading Tools - Follow Elon Musk's Bitcoin News and Sentiments Like a Pro!

Discover Amazing Trading Opportunities through our State of the Art News and Sentiment Trading Tools - Follow Elon Musk's Bitcoin News and Sentiments Like a Pro!

Using the right tools for trading research makes all the difference. High-quality tools lead to better trading signals, which translates to profitable trading. Immediate Connect is the master of high-quality trading research.
We have leveraged the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take your trading game to the next level. The crypto industry is heavily influenced by news and celebrity sentiments. With our tools, you can capture breaking news and accurately predict its impact on crypto volatility.
Our tools help you filter out news to only trade the relevant ones. The same tools can be used to scan Twitter and other social media sites for volatility-driving celebrity sentiments. Elon Musk is an example of a celebrity whose sentiments are known to shake the markets.
The Immediate Connect Elon Musk-related news-trading tools can detect volatility and recommend powerful signals. As explained earlier, you can test these signals on the demo before implementing them in a live account. The signals that perform well on the demo have a high chance of delivering positive results in live trading.
Our tools also derive trading insights from social media sentiments by analyzing Reddit threads. Reddit is a very important social media platform for traders. We have also introduced a news feed and an events calendar to help you stay updated on the latest market developments. Try your luck with Immediate Connect today!
Use Immediate Connect to Cut down Trading Risk by more than 50% - Build a powerful Risk Management Plan and Test it on a Highly Intuitive Demo!

Use Immediate Connect to Cut down Trading Risk by more than 50% - Build a powerful Risk Management Plan and Test it on a Highly Intuitive Demo!

You have succeeded in trading if you can manage the trading risk. Failure to manage risk will lead to a downfall even with the best trading signals.
The crypto markets are super volatile and highly unpredictable. You must implement risk-hedging strategies alongside other strategies to succeed in this market. Risk hedging strategies cushion you from devastating losses in the event of unprecedented market events.
Immediate Connect is the master of building such strategies. With our tools, you can build powerful risk-hedging strategies and test them on the demo. Short-selling is the most applied risk-hedging strategy. This strategy bets on the bear market.
Short-selling can be used as the main strategy in generally falling markets. Our tools will help you determine the current market and apply the appropriate strategies. Immediate Connect also offers tools to help you control emotions in trading.
Allowing the emotions of greed and fear to influence your trading decisions is a recipe for failure. We help you filter out these emotions by predetermining when trades should be closed. You should use our tools alongside the tools offered by the broker.
The assigned broker offers the MT4 and the cTrader platforms. These platforms come with in-built Stop Loss and Take Profit tools. The Stop Loss allows you to predetermine when a losing trade should close. This prevents you from closing it too soon hence missing a rebound.
On the other hand, the Take Profit prevents you from holding on to a winning trade for too long. Doing so could lead to a reversal of the gains. Sign up with Immediate Connect today to enjoy the world's best crypto trading technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin is a super volatile asset with daily swings worth thousands of dollars. Trading involves placing bets on these price swings.
Bitcoin is traded against other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. A trader can bet on BTC's gain or fall against a given crypto or fiat currency. Bitcoin volatility is heavily influenced by new information entering the markets. This information is released in the form of news or social media comments.
Examples of price swings driving news include crypto regulatory announcements by governments. The news about the US building a regulatory framework for crypto in 2023 has triggered massive volatility.

The crypto winter of 2022 has extended into 2023. Many traders have asked us how they can make money when most cryptos have lost 60% of their value.
Trading differs from investing; hence, it's possible to earn while the markets plummet. While investing involves buying low and selling high, trading involves placing bets on price swings. You can place bets on price gains and losses.
The short-selling strategy ensures profitability in falling markets. Immediate Connect has earned global recognition for helping traders build powerful crypto shorting strategies. Building and implementing these strategies through our tools is easy.

Many traders wonder whether this is the right time to enter the markets. The post-Covid19 recession has triggered a massive crypto downturn.
Most cryptos have lost 60% of their value in the last 12 months. The crypto crash has been made worse by the bankruptcy of behemoths such as the FTX. But the future of crypto is still bright, given the rate at which the industry is evolving.
Moreover, the industry is receiving much mainstream attention as governments worldwide explore ways to regulate it. 2023 will be the year of crypto-reg. The regulation will trigger a massive mainstream adoption.

No! Immediate Connect only works through select brokers. We’ve contracted with these brokers to offer our tools and resources through their platforms.
The broker facilitates the entire trading process. Consequently, the underlying broker is answerable to all trading-related functions. We, therefore, do not take liability for transactions and other trading-related functions.
Immediate Connect is legit and only works with the best brokers. All the brokers connected from this page claim tier-one regulation. Moreover, they are highly rated on leading broker review sites. The trading systems equipped with our tools can only be downloaded on this page. Complete the signup and deposit steps to access the Immediate Connect app download links.

Our platform offers a wide range of tools to help you identify and capitalise on opportunities in the market. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned trader, our tools are the best trading partner. We aim to make crypto trading easy and fun for all.
Mastering the Immediate Connect tools should be a breeze for all traders. You only need to follow simple instructions to apply the tools. Immediate Connect comes with comprehensive tutorials to guide you through the trading process.
Follow the tutorials to build trading strategies. Test the strategies through the demo provided by the underlying broker before going live.

As explained above, all trading is facilitated by the assigned broker. You will be linked to this broker upon completing the registration process.
Account funding and trading happen via the broker. It, therefore, goes without saying that the broker also facilitates withdrawals. Immediate Connect only offers tools to help you maximise all trading opportunities.
Withdrawing through the broker is quite straightforward. We only work with transparent brokers. These brokers offer up to 10 free withdrawals every month. You must fill out the provided withdrawal request form and wait up to 12 working hours for the transaction to complete.

You've probably heard about high-frequency trading. This trading approach is super popular in Wall Street and other global financial hubs.
Big banks, hedge funds, and boutique investment firms use HFT techniques to generate abnormal returns for investors. HFT involves using sophisticated computers to identify volatility trading opportunities in fast-moving markets.
Immediate Connect is an HFT trading system. We offer tools to help you trade bitcoin and top altcoins like a pro. The tools also help you enjoy trading while ensuring the lowest possible risk.

The crypto industry has proven to be super sensitive to celebrity sentiments. Celebs such as Jeff Bezos, 50 Cent, Mark Cuban, and Kevin O'Leary are known to influence crypto volatility.

Immediate Connect offers tools for trading celebrity sentiments. These tools derive insights from human language through Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. We use the same technology to capture news and place bets before the markets adjust to the new information.

Immediate Connect Elon Musk - Our platform is reportedly used by well-known celebrities like Elon Musk, who is well-known for being a fervent supporter of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. There is no evidence that Elon Musk or other well-known individuals are associated with the platform. Furthermore, we were unable to find any companies that had suggested this trading platform.

A rumor is circulating on Reddit that we have launched a multi-million dollar marketing campaign on the BBC. This rumor is being shared on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

Like Immediate Connect Elon Musk cooperation is confirmed, unfortunately, these claims about the marketing campaign, are also false. We haven't launched any large-scale marketing campaigns. We are struggling to meet the huge demand for our tools, so it wouldn't make sense to do such campaigns. Avoid fake news since it could be used for malicious intentions.

You can only access the Immediate Connect tools through our partners. These brokers offer the systems in mobile, desktop, and web versions.
The mobile platform is compatible with iOS and Android devices, while the desktop app can be used on Windows, Linux, or Mac devices. Please note that you must be registered to use the trading platforms. Fund your account with a minimum of USD 250 to start trading.

This page should give enough proof of our credibility. Also, you can be amazed by the impressive Immediate Connect reviews available on the internet.

In the brief time, we've been in the business, our standing has been impressive. Our robot has the trust of more than 90% of experts to take advantage of bitcoin's volatility. Bitcoin is one of the most volatile assets around the globe.

The reason for the volatility is due to opinions about markets and news. Immediate Connect makes use of AI to analyze sentiment and provide analysis. The news and sentiments are part of Elon Musk's bitcoin news.

He is an avid bitcoin fan and tweets on bitcoin often. Many people view his tweets as a suggestion to purchase bitcoin. Bitcoin volatility has risen dramatically because of Elon Musk activating market activity.

Immediate Connect Also, it draws lessons on price movements that have been witnessed recently. Analyzing technicals can be a proper trading strategy. Our system does all of its heavy lifting which we've already discussed. Immediate Connect doesn't require any expertise in trading.

The Immediate Connect application could result in trading extremely profitable BTC. The performance of trading can be affected by a number of factors that are not under our control. We are therefore unable to guarantee the performance of our investment.

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